Career at Feeder

Goal at Feeder

Feeder is rethinking the real estate agent’s experience from our systems all the way up to the people. Feeder will give you the experience and training needed. We want you to choose your career path, whether that is to be a broker, manager, or franchise owner. And, guess what? We do not mind. Actually, we encourage it!

Why should you join us on our mission?

Finding a great real estate company to launch or grow your career should be an amazing experience. Today, it is anything but amazing. We’re going to change that. We’re bringing the world of real estate into the age of technology. We think it’s time for agents to be armed with better training and support, better data, and efficient technology. Our work flow through enterprise software makes your daily operation smoother. Being equipped with all these tools makes it easy to provide amazing service for your client. We are a team of people who constantly question the status-quo of an outdated industry. We are looking for passionate problem solvers that want to make the real estate experience pleasurable by helping agents help people and business owners find the place they love.

Making Real Estate Easy

We’ve spent the last couple years building tools and software to make real estate easier for everyone – renters, buyers and agents.

Feeder Location

Feeder is an awesome place to work. Our Midtown office is located between the 34th Street-Herald Square B,D,F,M,N,Q,R train stop and the 42nd Street-Bryant Park B,D,F,M,7 train stop.

Listings & Leads

We have a listing database with over 4000 listings daily, which helps generate new leads. At Feeder, agents are also provided with traditional, modern, and unorthodox ways of cultivating leads that helps secure exclusive listings.


Choice of 3 competitive commission splits. Choice of career path: broker, management, franchise owner. You also get bonuses when you reach certain milestones as well as residual income from building a team. There is not a compensation package out there that provides agents with so many possibilities to make money from real estate. For more details send us an email to [email protected]

Available Positions

Full Time Rental Agent

Full time Residential Sales Agent

Full time Commercial Leasing Agent

Part time Social Media